Doing the Astro

Girl, 21, occasionally does the astro.

Snow snow no know no know don’t let them know let it goooo

Anonymous asked: White people making fun of white people isnt appropriation. But it IS a way for white people to distance themselves from 'those other white people' which is inappropriate. Its important to remember that as a white person your work of unlearning racism is never done, and its not your place to distance yourself from whiteness in that way.


Yes, This.

basically strive to be more self-aware and conscientious, but don’t use your marginal efforts as an excuse to go on some narcissism of small differences ego trip. I’ve fallen in that trap before!!


Wes Anderson // Centered

The Darjeeling Limited | Wes Anderson | 2007

Fantastic Mr. Fox | Wes Anderson | 2009

The Royal Tenenbaums | Wes Anderson | 2001

The Grand Budapest Hotel | Wes Anderson | 2014

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